Is it worth buying a custom PC?

There has been a battle going on between two camps of gamers for years about which is a better solution: buying a gaming console or assembling the best possible custom PC for gaming. Some might say the debate has been decided already, with the consoles winning by a long shot, but there are still a few reasons for which a custom-built PC is a better solution. Here are a few pros and cons that might decide the debate for you, one way or another.

1. Control

When you build a PC from scratch, you have complete control on what is built into it – as long as your budget allows it, of course. Besides the control over what hardware gets into the box, PC users also have control over what software to use. This sometimes backfires, though – given that Windows operating systems are used on most PCs of the world, game developers usually ignore the other platforms – Linux, for example. This limits the freedom of choice. Still, a custom built PC is among the first choices for many.

2. Upgrade

A custom built PC offers its users the ability to replace and upgrade the parts inside of it. If one of the components of the PC becomes obsolete, or just not enough to provide the performance needed for a task at hand, the user can replace it with a better one with a relatively small financial effort. In case of a pre-built gaming console this is seldom possible. On the other hand, with the hardware given, developers have to do their best to build their software to run on the given console with the best possible performance…

But let’s play the devil’s advocate for a while. A pre-built gaming console becomes obsolete much slower than the average PC. Keeping up with all the new technologies and the ever increasing level of detail in video games requires a custom built PC to “replace its parts” far more often than a pre-built console…

3. Flexibility

The content and software available for pre-built gaming consoles is limited by the rules and restrictions applied by their respective builders. This is why real money online gaming is not available on devices like the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox, while PC users are free to visit whatever they want. They can go over and claim the Euro Palace welcome bonus if they like, there’s no rule that will stop them to do so (except maybe for the laws of their place of residence, but this is a completely different debate altogether). They can switch to another operating system, build their own apps and programs, use the PC for programming, writing, learning or whatever they like – without any restrictions.

There’s nothing left but to ask you: which one is the better? Which solution would you choose – a custom built PC or a pre-built gaming console?

A Worth to Use Search Engine

Today, finding a search engine is not a big deal. As you can easily find out, there are many search engines that are ready to use in which each search engine usually offers different key features. When you need to find a file on the web, you can easily choose to use your favorite search engine. However, if you expect to receive an accurate search result fast and easily, you will need to use a good yet powerful search engine. This simply means that you need to be selective in choosing a search engine.

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Help Your Student Get An A+ with A New Ultrabook

What are Ultrabooks? These computer tablets are high-end small subnotebook computers. They are a category of subnotebooks that are designed to be light weight and easy to carry around. These small computers have extended battery life using a low power processer. They can be used extensively before they have to be recharged. Moreover, the performance is excellent and they are user friendly, making the learning curve quick and easy. As such, it is easy to go from one app to the next with speed.

new toshiba ultrabook

There are many technical advantages to these subnotebooks. These subnotebook computers use optical disc drives. Optical disc drives (ODD) uses laser light or electromagnetic waves as a tool in the process of reading and writing data. Subnotebooks use a solid-state disk or electronic disk. The new technology does not use an actual disk, and they do not have motors and instead the new technology uses integrated circuits to store data. There are no moving mechanical parts, which makes the subnotebooks more resilient and resistant to physical shock.  This means is they are dropped they continue to run. This also means that they also run more quietly.

There are many advantages to using Ultrabooks. These portable computers are the most thin and light to carry. That makes them easy to take with you anywhere you go- while you might be reluctant to carry a computer, you are more likely to carry the ultra light subnotebook with you. The subnotebook has a longer battery life so you do not have to worry about plugging it in. It is light so it is easy to carry, so you can hold it or put it in a small bag. The processing time is speedy, meaning you will be able to do your work anytime anyplace.

Ultrabooks are ideal to use while you are commuting- you can take them to appointments and use them while you are in the waiting room; while traveling in the car, you can use the subnotebook. It is not as cumbersome as a larger computer. Subnotebooks are significantly easier to take with you when you are traveling by air or train as well. They are a fraction of the weight of the traditionally laptop, which makes getting through security faster and easier.

I use my subnotebook Ultrabook all the time. I have taken my Ultrabook to the poolside to relax and work at the same time- I can read and respond to my email and I can write sections to a book that I am working on from there. I also use the subnotebook at meetings so that I can take notes during the meetings. It is my most effective tool to enhancing my ability to do work.However, I will admit to a guilty pleasure of listening to my favorite podcasts on my Ultrabook and relaxing. Check out the latest Toshiba ultrabooks at and help your student get an A+ today!

Author Bio:

Roger Vasslley is a consumer electronics blogger who writes about the latest and best products on the market and can help you find the best laptop for your student this back to school season. Roger highly recommends the latest Toshiba ultrabooks and tablets for this back to school season and suggests that you visit for more information today!